We all know-how GST is impacting lives. In today’s India, policymakers are saying GST is a groundbreaking one, but it’s not all true. In pandemic times major economists are saying keep money in people’s hands the policy is against it, there is no reduction in GST on the essential items either. This also impacting women empowerment too.

On women’s day, we all talk about the empowerment of women starting from Modi Ji, Nirmala Ji, and so on, when it comes to reality all words gone wrong. GST on sanitary pads, kitchen essentials, processed food, self-help groups, and many electronic items like vacuum cleaners, microwaves, wet grinders. So many think these things will make us the luxury, but these things will make one’s life to feel to do easily without asking one help. They can live their own lives as an individual.

These busy days it’s very difficult to cook food in the early morning for the family so one may opt frozen food, likewise, self-help groups will work for women who are in distress, and for tribal women, and mainly GST on sanitary pads, this is the most inhumane thing. still, there are so many young women who are not in a stage to afford it. Even Tumeric is on GST.

There has to be no GST on some of the things, but govt is making money from them. Reducing GST or no GST will improve the lives of numerous women. And this is good for the economy too.

Not only society, even GST also pulling back women

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